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An unwavering promise of Success

Expert Multisector Trading

Horizon Trade is one of 4 subsidiary companies under Horizon Capital, a decades-old parent company that branches into industries such as recycling, transportation, farming, and as seen here, trading. With investments and efforts put into all four subsidiaries, the owners of Horizon Trade are increasingly knowledgeable with the ways of business across multiple sectors and have working teams dedicated to each industry, extensively and profoundly.

Our vision

Our vision is to continue to build the long-term and agile partnerships with our valued trading customers, as our philosophy is based on obtaining a continuous standard of mutual success; we achieve this by consistently delivering cost-effective solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. We focus not only on excelling in our trading business, but to also in fostering relationships with our clients and partners, redefining industry standards, and committing to our environmental responsibility and overall success.

Our mission

Our mission here at Horizon Trade is definite and unwavering: to become the Middle East's leading player in the international polymer trading industry, providing the highest quality virgin material globally. We are constantly and proactively researching, anticipating, and addressing the evolving needs and demands of our clients and partners, and tailor our solutions to fit their requirements.

As pivotal players in the polymer trading business, at Horizon Trade, we deliver global quality, reliability, and the unwavering dedication to excellence at un uncompromised yet cost-effective manner

Our Partners

Elevating Excellence
Our Core Values Define Our Commitment

Customer-Centricity, Quality Commitment, and Responsibility at the Heart of Our Mission

Customer Centricity

We remain focused on providing top-tier transparent polymer resin solutions and unwavering support- nothing less. We are dedicated to building strong, lasting relationships with our customers, partners, and communities, focusing on endeavors that contribute positively to the business experience, while aligning with goals and values of the people we serve.

Commitment to Quality

We continuously strive for improvement, expansion, innovation, and perfection in all aspects of our work; it is our driving force behind everything we deliver. From sourcing the highest quality polymers to providing top customer service, we are dedicated in raising the bar for excellence.


We take ownership for our environmental impact, as we commit to ethical and sustainable business practices, and we hold ourselves responsible for upholding the prime standards for integrity in all what we do.


Here at Horizon Trade, we are committed to consistently sourcing and providing the supply chain with appealing solutions.

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