Adhering to the most fortified global standards
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Committed to delivering quality Polymers
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Exclusively sourced material from high-esteemed providers
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A commitment and dedication to excellence and success
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Years of Excellence in the Market

With 15 years in the Egyptian market and now expanding across the Middle East and Europe, Horizon Trade has perfected the processes of sourcing, marketing, and distributing top-tier polymers. Since 2007, we have evolved to match the industry needs, and trained to become leaders of trade in the industry. Years of industry knowledge and experience, coupled with extensive connections and global networks, brought Horizon Trade to the forefront.

Here at Horizon Trade, we are committed to consistently sourcing and providing the supply chain with appealing solutions. With value-added solutions, the company has grown and fortified its way into two-way enabling relationships fostered across the globe with producers and end consumers of polymers. We are increasingly becoming the preferred trading partner for our consumers.

Our unwavering commitment to measuring and designing our partner's needs is our crafted business plan. This dedication is the cornerstone of our success, as it ensures we tailor our solutions to provide maximum value and satisfaction to our partners.

Our Partners

Our Team:
At the Forefront of Success

Our seasoned team of highly trained experts remains at the forefront of our success; we are trained for operational processes that adhere to the strictest, most fortified global standards. Each of us brings a wealth of experience and passion for excellence in the industry. At Horizon Trade, excellence isn't merely just a goal; it is our promise- our commitment to delivering the top product and customer experience in the Polymer trading industry.

Our dedication extends beyond the quality of our offerings. We have implemented extensive measures to align our operations with the global standards of quality, safety, and environmental regulations. Our partners and their products have received International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certifications in Asset Management, Energy Management, Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management, assuring that the organizations adhere to the global standards of quality assurance, manufacturing, and business management.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Uncompromised Quality

At Horizon Trade, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to sourcing prime virgin polymer products and materials, exclusively sourced from highly esteemed manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Every product in our extensive range undergoes rigorous examination before reaching our clients, ensuring an uncompromised standard of excellence at every delivery. The polymers offered by Horizon Trade are globally recognized as some of the highest performing polymers globally. Our dedication to delivering top-quality products is a fundamental factor in instilling the confidence in our long-term partners.

Reliability Assured From Your Trading Partner

Our Polymer professionals work with you to meet your exact requirements


Consistent, competitive and transparent, our pricing supports your business development

Direct access to global markets

Our network of high quality producers is strategically growing across the world

Extensive market knowledge

Two decades of experience in the polymer industry

Wide Product Selection

Direct access to select polymers

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