An unwavering promise of Success

An unwavering promise of Success

Our mission here at Horizon Trade is definite and unwavering: to become the Middle East's leading player in the international polymer trading industry, providing the highest quality virgin material globally. We are constantly and proactively researching, anticipating, and addressing the evolving needs and demands of our clients and partners, and tailor our solutions to fit their requirements.


Polyethylene Terephthalate

-Widely used in the beverage, food, and liquids industries, as well as textile under the trade name ‘polyester’

- Known for its recyclability, transparency, lightweight nature, and strength

- Offers high stress crack resistance, thermal stability, and processability


High Density Polyethylene

- Strong, high-density plastic known for its crystalline structure

- Used in flexible and rigid firms, popular for packaging household goods, personal care products, and various beverage containers

- Easily recyclable


Polyvinyl Chloride

- Most commonly used in thermoplastic polymers

- Used in pipes for industries like plumbing, sewage and agriculture

- Comes in rigid (RPVC or uPVC or flexible forms, with various applications for each


Low Density Polyethylene

- Highly flexible material suitable for plastic film applications like shopping bags

- Exhibits high ductility and low tensile strength, leading to stretching under strain

- Other variants include MDPE, ULMWPE, HMWPE, HDXLPE, VLDPE, & CPE


Low Density Polyethylene

- A versatile hydrocarbon polymer available as a plastic and fiber

- Suitable for injection molding due to low melt viscosity and ease of flow

- Used in a wide range of end-use products and applications

- Notably easy to mold despite its semicrystalline nature

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