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HORIZON CAPITAL has deep roots spanning over 15 years in the trading, logistics and import & export industry. We have grown from strength to strength to where we are today. We are committed to continuously seek opportunities which will enable us to spread our wings further.

Our extensive knowledge of the polymer, plastic and feedstock markets adds value to your business.
With an established client base giving us a solid foundation, we are in a strong position to deliver preferential solutions. Through adding value to the supply chain between producers and end users of polymers and plastics, HORIZON TRADE is increasingly the preferred trading partner for our customers.

Reliability, capability and flexibility are embedded in our approach thanks to a deep understanding of the chemical and plastic commodity business across the team. Decades of industry experience is coupled with an extensive global network, enabling us to consistently provide appealing solutions.

Plastics are a type of resin that can be easily molded and are often used as a cheap, durable packaging material. There are six major varieties of plastics commonly in use. Some plastic items are made of a mixture of different resins. High-density polyethylene, also known as HDPE, is a strong plastic used to make jugs and bottles for short-term storage. To determine if a container is made form HDPE, look for a number 2 inside the three-arrow recycling symbol.

We supply and distribute various types of Plastic Raw Material:









We also trade OFF SPEC & OFF-GRADE material. All our material is 1st quality OFF-SPEC & OFF-GRADE.

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